Repair Services

If it's between the foundation and the roof, we can help!

Not every job requires an entire contractor team to descend upon your house. And what if you have a variety of needs that range from roofing to light electrical with some miscellaneous home repairs thrown in for good measure? Who wants to manage a bunch of different vendors just because the one you chose doesn't have the skills necessary to do all that work?

This is why you should call us! We are able to expertly care for your entire property and be your single source of repairs and maintenance. Here's some more information on what we can do for you.


Bathroom Floors (repair rot, replace vinyl), Bathroom Walls (repair and tub surrounds), Structural Repairs (foundation post, rim joist), Decks and Porches (repair, replace, power wash)


Faucets (repaired or replaced), Drain Lines (under sinks, in wall, underground), Hot Water Tanks (repaired or replaced), Toilets (unplugged, leaks repaired), Underground (water and sewer leaks)


Complete interior and exterior painting services (holes patched, taped and textured), Cabinets (repaired, primed and painted)


Monthly Light Maintenance, Light Fixtures (repaired or replaced), Outlets and Switches (repaired or replaced), Breakers (checked and replaced)

"Is that it, can't you do more?"

We sure can! Here's a longer list of what we find ourselves doing for our customers:

Art, decoration and mirror hanging
Caulking windows, doors, seams, and gaps
Ceiling fan replacement and installation
Door replacement or adjustment
Drywall repair (holes, cracks, failures) and drywall texturing
Furniture and cabinet assembly 
Roofing repairs and replacement services
Light bulb replacement and troubleshooting
Light fixture installation and replacement
Exterior and interior painting services
Plumbing repairs and adjustments
Porch or deck repair
Tub, sink, and toilet snaking. Clog removal
Tile installation, tile repair
In-floor heating for your bathroom
Wiring and installation for entertainment systems
Garbage disposals fix and replacement

And any other repair, maintenance or improvement you can dream up!

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